I have proof that god exists

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I have proof that god exists

Post by downhill69 on Thu Jan 14, 2010 4:28 am

Reason No. 1 - The Holy Bible!

Atheists 'claim' that God doesn't exist, yet the Bible proves them WRONG! I can see the Bible, hold it in my hand, and know 1000% that it exists! As God wrote the Bible, this proves that he MUST EXIST too! How dumb these Atheists are!

Reason No. 2 - Evil-ution from Monkeys!

If we really evolved from monkeys, why do monkeys STILL exist? Surely they would've evolved too? And why don't we have tails or swing from trees or speak in monkey-talk? These atheists must be pretty deluded to believe such nonsense!

Reason No. 3 - The 'Big Bang'

Atheists believe there was a 'Big Bang' which created the Earth and the Universe and all things?? Well, what created the 'Big Bang'?? And what was there before it 'banged'??? Ask ANY atheist - they won't be able to answer you! Why? Because God created the 'Big Bang'! And then went on to create the Earth and everything in just 6 days! Praise Jesus!

Reason No. 4 - Dinosaurs

Most dumb atheists believe that man and dinosaurs didn't inhabit the Earth at the same time. However, we know this to be a LIE! Didn't Noah ride dinosaurs onto the Ark? Aren't Dinosaurs mentioned throughout the Bible?

Checkmate - Atheist!

The sheer difference in all creatures, all plants, all bodies of water, the earth. The stars, sun and moon in the sky. The rain, the snow, thunder, lightening, hail. The vastnest all creations. The invisible things of the universe which hold it together. The coolest thing about God: if you tell Him you want to believe yet are skeptical, He will respond to you and not be angry. Men approached Jesus and believed Him but were still unsure and all they simply said to Jesus was -- we want to believe increase our belief.

There are many things to support the existence of God. Look at the complexity of the human body. One cell has many organelles that work together to support its function...take away one and function ceases and the cell dies. Now that one cell alone may not be convincing, but if you look at each function the human body does and the fact that they all work together to sustain life, it is amazing.


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Re: I have proof that god exists

Post by lhearys on Wed Jan 20, 2010 9:57 am

just because religion provides you "answers" doesn't mean they're actually factual.
You haven't even stated a concrete evidence of God there.

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how do you know

Post by shantheman11 on Wed Aug 11, 2010 6:51 am

ok if god created us what created god he she or it had to come from somewhere to right? and your bible is just a book! you cant proove its true. For all you know it could be a story to the people back then as harry potter is to us now. or some guy doped up on opium could of wrote it i mean a person talking to a burning bush? yeah you cant prove its truth no one can until we die


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ur stupid and ignornant

Post by atehist on Wed Aug 25, 2010 3:58 am

ur ignorant i got proof
reason NO. 1 the bible is just a book from 2000 years ago its no different then captain underpants there both fiction lol
reason NO. 2 we didnt evolve from the same types of monkeys you see today there a different species just like some dogs have better smelling ability you can ask the same question why dont all dogs have great smelling ability it because there a different species
reason NO. 3 i dont have a answer for that you know why because were man we dont have the answers for everything
reason NO. 4 again the bible is just a 2000 year old book do you really believe in nohas ark let me guess you also believe in the easter bunny and santa clause
checkmate a**hole you showed no evidence at ALL just litte stories you pulled out 2000 year old fiction book

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Re: I have proof that god exists

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