Points2Shop is a great site with a friendly community.

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Points2Shop is a great site with a friendly community.

Post by DukeAlastor on Sat Dec 05, 2009 1:38 am

I joined Points2Shop about 3-4 months ago and I'll admit that, at first, I didn't like it. The 250 free points they gave me for signing up, I used on games (which were gambling points). After losing all of my points, I quit. A whole month later, I "rediscovered" Points2Shop [hereafter P2S] in my bookmarks menu and that changed the way I looked at the site.

P2S is a combination of paid surveys, points to click, and online shopping. They have many diverse offers so that anyone is sure to find an interesting offer and get paid for signing up for it. For users more into PTC sites, P2S has at least 20 PTC offers (at the time I'm writing this) and the number over the past few weeks has been growing. At $0.01 each, you can earn one dollar in less than a week just off PTC offers!

What's best about P2S however and what generally makes it different from other sites is the interactivity with other users. A shoutbox (yes, this is part of several other sites as well) lets you connect with other online users, ask questions, or just socialize. The forum is a great place to share ideas on how to complete offers, increasing your approval rate, or tips on how to earn more referrals. Not only that, you can form teams to compete for points (which convert to cash) or merits (which can be used in later competitions).

So far, I am deeply and genuinely impressed with Points2Shop and recommend it to anyone into making money online. It effectively combines PTC sites with those such as InboxDollars to give you a large variety of ways to earn money. It really is a great site to be apart of and I recommend everybody at least give it a try.

Sign up here: http://www.points2shop.com/?ref=DukeAlastor


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Re: Points2Shop is a great site with a friendly community.

Post by manish1lohia on Thu Dec 10, 2009 8:04 pm

u need refferal for points2shop

i can be ...
but for that u have to join any of the follwoing site from my list..

if yes then pm me.. u link


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