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How to Make Money PTC - Clixsense

Post by workathomefun on Fri Sep 17, 2010 7:40 pm

Why Clixsense worth you to join? To date I have made a couple hundred dollars from this earning opportunity and one of the best things about it is FREE. With an option to upgrade which you can earn even more, but not necessary.

Pro I found:
  • Free members receive $0.01 for each referral and receive $2.00 if their direct referral upgrades to Premium. You also receive 10% of revenues generated from your referrals’ ad purchases.

  • For a limited time you get $5 for anyone who upgrade their account to a “Premium” member. You get 1 cent to $5 per ad you view. Refer your friends you will get 10 cents ($0.01) for everyone.

  • For Premium members, in additional to free member’s benefits above, you are also instantly paid a $1.00 override commission when that member refers a new member who upgrade. You just got paid for doing NOTHING! Even better, that same scenario pays EIGHT LEVELS DEEP!

  • Clixsense allows member to select higher amount $10, $50, $100 to $500 due to member is easy to reach payout, it avoid member paying bank expense, if any.

Cons I found:
  • Does NOT deliver ad to your email box, you have to login to the Clixsense site yourself everyday.

  • Does NOT use PayPal which almost PTC sites use popularly. Instead it pays by CHECK and mailed to the postal address on your profile before the 10th day of each month for earnings of prior month reached the set minimum – this combat multiple accounts who would rob you of Clixsense available and the advertisers of their advertising dollars.

Tips I experienced:
  • At first I’m free member I was finding at least 2-20 ads to click everyday. Of course all links earn you 1 cent if you are a free member, so that makes around 20 cents per day. Premium member may have more opportunity to view and chance for higher pay up to $5 per ad thus earning more money, because some advertisers select only to display their ads to viewers who have proven purchasing power, sometimes I get up to 100 ads. The upgrade fee is $10 per year if you choose to do so and you normally get much more ads right away .The best thing is that once upgrade you get over ~$7 dollars worth of ads to click, so in essence you have a good portion of upgrade fee back the same day you upgrade, I rather say the cost is $3 per year, not count into the advantages I outlined above. I used the cash I earned to upgrade. In my opinion you can easily make $10 – $15 per month, you can make double if you check and click frequently when you have time since it loads ads throughout the day.

  • Member can convert earned cash to credits, credits can be used for placing your advertisement. I almost convert my earned cash for advertising because people here are targeted person who seek way to make money online, I get nicely referral result with them to date.

  • Don’t forget to log in and click daily to remain ACTIVE, or else, you are leaving money on your table.



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