list best ptc site updated 8/2010

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list best ptc site updated 8/2010

Post by verifyproof2010 on Mon Aug 30, 2010 11:06 am

Step guide to make money from click ads (ads)
1.phai up a paypal account / Alertpay (2 pages this is a strong and reliable payment today)
2.tap a free account on the continued site.vao here to register ads (view ads)
4.share its link to others to earn more commissions (50-100%)
5. investment by renting (rent) to increase referral blance

I would guarantee if you play about 15-20 pages and there are strategies a month you earn $ 50-100 per month is normal!

Currently I'm playing 20 pages and also additional income of about $ 60 a month (nearly 1.2 million U.S.) - by just over 2 months only instead of playing long play about four months, the balance will increase by approximately 30 - $ 40)

Foreign guys play this long! Revenue they had it up to $ 400-1000 per month, is right there ____duong long-term investment in new!
You can visit
to register (all evidence received money from paypal / Alertpay)
you can find them in every forum site!


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