Make $30 or more per day by just letting your computer run

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Make $30 or more per day by just letting your computer run

Post by Samantha on Mon Aug 09, 2010 7:30 am

In order to do this we will combine two afiliate programs: UGNO and EZIX, INC. If you sign under me I'll sign under you in two of yours affiliate programs! If you are interested how to make $30 or more per day by just letting your computer run than signup at:

Once you are registered is very important to take the redirect URL from your UGNO account:

and submit it here (open account first):

You should rotate it at least an hour per day. Get referrals and teach them and 10 of them can make $78 per day for you.

Another option where you can start making money in seconds:

If you want to dig deeper into this you can also follow these steps


First read this through and than signup at two websites:

* rect.php?id=1899


Once you are a Member of both sites log into and get your redirect link

xxx must be replaced with your ID and you find this link if you click in navigation bar on Statistic

Take this red redirect link of your from, log into and submit redirect link in exchange in your account.

1. You are almost all set, but be careful this link works only up to 10 clicks per day if you are regular member, so upgrade in your account for at least 1 month and get unlimited clicks per day. I’d recommend for 3 months and you get better deal and peace of mind.

You can do it 2 ways:

You can earn it in through CPA but you will have to wait for Advertisers to pay you which takes time (a week or two or in some cases even more) or you can purchase Pro Membership upgrade and get $50 signup bonus and immediate reimbursement of upgrade back in account.

$10 for 1 month

$27 for 3 months

You can withdraw $50 signup bonus and upgrade with your first payout.

1. How much you can earn?

You let your computer run for 1 hour and it generates 360 clicks which is paid by $3.60, don’t run it more than 1 hour per day if you don’t have any referrals. You check for your surf page where number 17 is your ID

If you have 10 referrals and they do the same you can get daily:

You 360 X $0.01 = $3.60

10 referrals 10 X 360 X $0.002 = $7.60

You 360 X $0.01 = $3.60

10 referrals 100 X 360 X $0.002 = $76.00

It won’t be exactly this number it must be more or less depending on you or referrals

1. How to recruit referrals without harassing anyone or feeling like doing cold calls.

Signup in different Social Networks and add as many friends as possible. Use all Social Networks bellow at the end of these instructions. Once you have in each network at least 300 friends start contacting them with same text:

< --------------------- Invitation --------------------- >


I saw you in my networking, would you be interested to let your computer run for an hour and get paid $10 - $60 per day. It’s serious and if you are interested let me know and I send you all instructions.


Your Name

< --------------------- Invitation --------------------- >

Make sure they sign in and through your referral links.

Replace xxx with your ID of course! Sign in these Social Networks:

Remember after this is setup all you have to do is to check daily if all is running as you set it up and collect monthly pay check! It’s not much money but with more referrals you get more money. 10 referrals can earn for you $300/month, 100 referrals few thousand per month. You won’t have to many problems to get referrals for this kind of work where computer works for them. It works for me, I’m getting my monthly paychecks. I got paid 7 times already

You can copy this page and change it for your needs and your URLs.

Hope this helps

Samantha Connors


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