95% Discount Coupon codes for VPS.net

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95% Discount Coupon codes for VPS.net

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 21, 2010 2:19 am


Nodes available as low as 1$ per day bounce

Amongst the lot of COOL features, I am listing two of the most necessary and useful one's first and the rest are written Below later.

1. Automated Backups
Your content is always at your fingertips. Lose a file? Did a client send you bad data? Hit the wrong key and sent everything to the Great Trash Can In The Sky? One click restores your content so you can get back on track. VPS.NET’s Automated Backup System creates complete data redundancy in the form of Daily, Weekly, and Monthly backups. A simple “Restore This Backup” button resets your nodes to where you want them, negating any effects of intrusion, corrupting client data, or a mistakenly clicked Delete button.

2. Cloud Flexibility / Scalability
Dugg. Slashdotted. Druged. Nothing makes content more irrelevant than inaccessibility. Don’t let your 15 minutes turn into 15 seconds. It only takes a few of seconds on the front page of Digg to bring a normal server to its knees. Our server clouds are instantly scalable, giving you the ability to increase your capacity when you need it and scale back when you don’t.

Read more about how you can benefit from our scalable VPS platform.

Flexibility is the name of the game. VPS.NET's Cloud Computing Architecture gives you the strategic and amorphous ability to dynamically control where your content is at any one time. Covering two major industrial time zones, our clouds deliver your content simultaneously from both the United Kingdom and United States. Notice a geographical shift in your customer base? Simply alter your node configuration to meet the growing demand and keep your content delivered in real time.

Failover / High Availability

A 99% uptime guarantee still leaves you 1% vulnerable. Your content shouldn’t have a point of failure. Our cloud architecture is designed from the ground up with redundancy at its core. A traditional server always has a single point of failure; a hard drive, a power supply, a power outage. VPS.NET’s cloud architecture uses a RAID 10 SAN system, powered by Cisco‐network hardware. Your content is disseminated across nodes over multiple servers in our cutting edge datacenters, ensuring you are protected against the inevitable.

Simple Web Interface / Easy Machine Management
Administer your cloud with VPS.NET’s clear and concise web management interface. Assigning new nodes, restoring backups, keeping track of your statistics, direct console control – all just one click away. Liberate yourself from normal business hours. It’s Friday, your product launches to a huge customer response, your server is overloaded and you need to expand. The technicians are gone until Monday, your customers are starting to turn sour, and you need to upgrade now. Our web management interface gives you the power to customize your cloud on the fly. Expanding the power and capacity of your content is as easy as a click and drag.

High Speed Deployment
Don’t let your webhost dictate your deployment schedule. From conception to execution, your cloud is ready to use in under five minutes. Stop twiddling your thumbs and start developing. VPS.NET has an array of Linux distributions and pre‐configured application stacks ready to go. Feel free to browse the template library below.
VPS.NET Live Image Browser

Free Control panel (ISPmanager PRO)

ISPmanager is a server administration control panel, admired by it’s clean and simple to use interface, it’s the perfect companion for a VPS.NET account.
ISPManager Pro is powerful but lightweight, it only utilizes 10MB of ram and 40MB of HD space, the regular pricing for ISP Manager is €34.00 /month, a fantastic value for VPS.NET customers who get it for free. Read more here

Free and Unlimited COMODO SSL's
Your visitors and potential clients, are worried that their personal information might fall into the wrong hands. By using one of our free Comodo SSL’s you will earn their trust and gain a competitive advantage.
As the only cloud server provider in the world we offer you free and unlimited SSL’s. These SSL’s are sold at £35 pr year everywhere else, at VPS.NET they are free for you and all your clients. Read more here

Part of UK2Group
VPS.NET is a part of UK2Group - We've been around since 1997, and operate one of the fastest growing web hosting companies world wide.
With offices in London, Chicago, and Utah the UK2 Group employs over 200 staff and supplies around a million customers worldwide. It is through our combined experience and increased purchasing power that we are able to provide exceptional products for our customers.



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Re: 95% Discount Coupon codes for VPS.net

Post by burst on Thu Jul 22, 2010 11:00 am

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