What is the CPU Throttling limit per hour for hostmonster - hostmonster.com

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What is the CPU Throttling limit per hour for hostmonster - hostmonster.com

Post by jkale on Wed Jun 16, 2010 2:59 pm

Please read this article here -- > http://helpdesk.hostmonster.com/index.php/kb/article/000564

Some of the main points are written below :

Throttling means that our new proprietary CPU Throttling System has automatically tied your account to its own dedicated core temporarily to keep your account from dominating too much CPU time. Throttling for less than 500 seconds in any given hour will not usually negatively affect your site's performance. Some accounts are still using too much process time like Ftp, DDoS or Mysql even with our Throttling System - in these cases, the admins may suspend the account until the scripts are optimized.

Throttling or Suspensions are usually caused by:

* Queries that return inordinately large dataset results (eg: 100,000 records) in the Response object of a round trip to the server.
* Queries that take too long to execute due to heavy aggregation commands like SUM, COUNT over very large datasets without proper indexing.
* Queries that are doing complex unoptimized nested Joins.
* Queries that execute large batch commands like INSERTS, UPDATES, OR DELETES - these types of sql calls are 10 times more expensive and resource intensive than the SELECT query command.
* Poorly coded Php scripts such as multiple nested loops, or infinite loops.
* Themes, Addons, or Plugins (if you just added a new component to your script, you may want to remove it to see if that new component caused your site to suddenly perform slowly)
* DDoS Attacks
* Any process that uses too much RAM, like a rogue cron job
* Too many simultaneous connections like Downloads, FTP, IMAP, or PHP


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Re: What is the CPU Throttling limit per hour for hostmonster - hostmonster.com

Post by burst on Thu Jul 22, 2010 11:05 am

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