Rules for this section along with the general rules for Ronie_iz_BaD

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Rules for this section along with the general rules for Ronie_iz_BaD

Post by Admin on Thu Dec 03, 2009 2:58 am

* Double posting in the forum will get your posts removed...

* Profanity (cursing) is not allowed in this Forum. This includes
curse words in your posts nor making fun and insulting at any member at
any time with bad intentions...

* Promoting your website and/or referral link is not allowed, except
in your signature, Advertising
anywhere else will get your posts removed and you will be warned...
This section for the general awareness about lockerz/ google invite and other reward sites not for referral
exchange for that post in Referral Trade.

* Please do not post with caps lock on. It is considered shouting
and also quite rude...

* Distribution of illegal copyright material or promoting illegal
activities is not permitted anywhere in the forum...

* Ronie_iz_BaD Staff Members have the right to lock or delete
upon our discretion. All administrators decision are final and not up
for debate.
* Please behave on this forum and we will act friendly ...

We are here to help and assist you!

Please respect us to be respected
Ronie_iz_BaD Staff


My mind tries to solve my own mind, and I don't know what's the big deal - Ronie

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