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Dragon Age

Post by petrushka on Tue May 11, 2010 6:49 pm

I've been meaning to buy and install this game on my computer after friends waxed poetic on what an awesome game it was with multiple engaging storylines and interesting characters. Their reviews were mostly glowing and they listed things that broke down whatever misgivings I had. It has enough of the elements that I'm looking for in my RPG and they give enough detail to make me interested without spoiling much of the story to detract any possibly future enjoyment.

Except just recently, someone told me that the gameplay itself is pretty unwieldy. There's a lot to be desired for the AI controls (unless you multi-task and give instructions for each) and apparently, there aren't that many classes to choose from.

And I do kind of enjoy having multiple classes, nice controls and reliable AI — so now I am kind of torn.

Has anyone else played this game? Did you enjoy it, or were the problems just too much of a detractor? Did the good points overrun the bad points? Will you recommend this to a friend who likes their RPG? My computer has too much clutter for me to want to install a game that I might abandon early on. And I know it has an XBox and PS3 release, but since I don't have either of those, my reliable PC is all I have left.

Any opinions?

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