win laptop from your home

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win laptop from your home

Post by loli on Wed May 05, 2010 10:11 am

go quickly and get your gift registry and collect 195 points very appreciated and easily collect in less than 10 days ezlaptop company
I am tell u the Method u just need to collect 195 points at least you can get points after registration


1- Register in

2-Press signup and enter your details and press register

3- Then press login via your

Username and password

4- Then you will find in the site in your inbox all messages that you will opened it and waiting for ending the time counting advertising then u will find your balance increases
U must delete it after u opened.

5- You will find your link in your page that u will give it to your friends and post your link in Arab and foreign forums to collect more points in short time

6-U need to collect 195 points in 21 day to win the laptop

7- Then when u collect the number of point's ushould get your giftfrom here withdraw credits
8- For you to earn fast please register quickly and relay messages to earn from each point and then additional effort and post a link in the largest number of Arab and foreign forums in nice topic and its beautiful explanation to get lots of points
You can publish my topic and put your link Instead of my link and publish it in Araband French and foreign forums u will collect more than 300 points along and god make us peace, mercy and blessings of God
don't try to fool site register from the samecomputer more than once registry method


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