Xavier Popunder exchange script - like banner exchange or text exchange

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Xavier Popunder exchange script - like banner exchange or text exchange

Post by Paris Hilton on Sun Apr 11, 2010 6:32 am

Type of script: PHP
Requirements: PHP & MySQL
Version: v3.05
Cost: $30
Download: Yes
Support: Yes
Demo: Yes

What's this

This script allow you to start your own Pop-Under Exchange like our demo exchange. It works lika a banner exchange but instead of exchanging banner impressions you exchange site visits.
In version 2.0 and above a banner exchange is included in the script. If you don't want to use it you may turn it off.
Version 3.01 and better can use Banner Auction as a plugin to sell banner, popunder and text link ads.

Some features
The best way to see what the popunder exchange has to offer is to visit our onlinedemo or take a look at the manual.

  • Unlimited number of categories.
  • Both private and public categories. Private categories can
    only be selected by you.
  • Set priorities on sites.
  • Cheaters will be listed on a special page in the admin area.
  • Each user may have multiple sites.
  • Send emails to all your users.
  • Edit the join, approve and reject emails easily.
  • A small topframe can be included on every pop-under.
  • You can give users "sign up credits", both popunder credits
    and banner credits.
  • You may give credits for every click a user generates.
  • All banners impressions and popunders are logged. That way
    it's easier for you to find cheaters.
  • You can set individual exchange ratios for each user and each
    user may have diffrent banner and popunder ratios.
  • Referral program: Reward your members for referring new
    members to your exchange. You can select between a onetime bonus or a
    bonus for every banner/pop-under the new member display.
  • Select language between English, Swedish and Portuguese (see Free
    for language files).
  • You can have multiple default banners and sites.
  • Set-up partnerships with other exchagnes. Click
    here for more information
  • Our Banner Auction script can be used as a plug-in. Visit the Banner
    Auction v 1.0

Online Demo
Click here for a live demo.

Instant Download
The script will be yours for only $30! Clickhere to download the script.

Follow the instructions in readme.html.

You can download the manual by clicking here.

Free upgrades
If you have purchased the script you can download free upgrades here.
Free upgrades are only available as long as you have a valid ticket number. No ticket number = no free upgrade.

Need help?
Visit our online support forum.
Please note that we don't develop this script any longer which means that there will be no new and updated versions of this script.
Paris Hilton
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