Rules for selling Signature Links

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Rules for selling Signature Links

Post by Admin on Sun Mar 21, 2010 12:32 pm

As a member of Ronie_iz_BaD, you can sell your signature links to other members or Non-members (Guest posting is enabled for buying Links). We generate a lot of traffic from US, Canada, European Countries, India and other countries - For more info click alexa button on portal sidebar.

Here are some rules for selling these links :

1. Your post count must be greater than 100.
2. You mustn't have -ive reputation.
3. You have been a member of the forum for 2 weeks.
4. There are No complaints against you in Scam Reports.
5. All the links that you will sell, must not connect to some adult, warez, hacking, virus or any such things and sites.
6. Only 1 image is allowed that ain't larger than 728 X 90
7. We (staff) are not responsible, for any exchanges between you(Seller) and you(Buyer) .

Thank you


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