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Free Website Reviews

Post by Admin on Tue Feb 09, 2010 5:57 am

We offer free review of your website

What you need to do to apply for a review?
You must be a member of the this forum, if you are not you can register and then apply for a free review.

Your site must be online for 10 days before you apply for a review.

To have a review again wait for 30 days.

Why to apply for a free review ?
There is always a possibility of finding something new and useful from a third perspective. And to tell you what is the best that you offer on your site, so in case you want to change that, you get an idea from a third person that its actually cool to have it on your site.

Who will review your site?
Our members who have their own websites that are online for years will review your's, and if you want everything will be private and the review will not get published here.

The different criteria

  • Graphics
  • Design/Layout
  • Language
  • General
  • Other

How to apply for a free review ?

Name of the site: ...............
Address: ..............
Area's you wish the reviewer to review: .............
Length of review : ...................... ( must apply for a review under 1000 words )
Private / Public : ............

How much time will you take to review my site ?
The review will be done under 48 hours after you have applied for it.

Where to apply ?


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