modern warfare 2 gameplay

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modern warfare 2 gameplay

Post by hotidiot on Sat Jan 30, 2010 1:18 am

First off i just have to say that the campaign i probably nut my pants several times in the 5 hours it took me to beat this game.

secondly the few bad parts about this game are-

When infinity ward said they stopped making people infinitly spawn until you moved foward. they did but fked you over twice as hard.

they spawn about a million and 2 people and they come from behind. i was ready to find the executive producer and cut his throat with the disc.

the "No Russia"mission i couldnt have had a better time. great mission seriously a great way to start the story for the campaign.

and then the multiplayer. i love the spec ops mad fun already many stars almost done(loll all 3 stars)

but the actual online kinda gets annoying. because you have to be god at it or camp like your a fkin boy scout i manage to camp because i want my K/D to be at least over 1 lol.

anyway yah i just made this for people to say whatshapp and say how they feel about the game

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