Germany Warns its Users to Stay Away from IE

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Germany Warns its Users to Stay Away from IE

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 22, 2010 10:08 am

Recent reports from McAfee’s disclosure of
an IE 0-day vulnerability this week clearifies the main reasons behind
the hack and stealing of data from Google, Adobe and about 3 dozen other
major companies.
Following the warnings, the German government issued a public statement
in which it has advised public to switch to alternative browsers other
than IE for accessing the internet.

The statement (untranslated
statement) issued by the German Federal Office for Security in
Information Technology (known as BSI) recommends that all Internet
Explorer users switch to an alternative browser.

The statement also states that the users can resume their IE usage once
the bug has been fixed by the vendor (Microsoft). Given that the exploit
has now been made public and the patch from Microsoft is still nowhere
to be seen, how long will it be before other governments follow suit?”

The Translated Statement Issued by The German Federal Office for
Security in Information Technology
Bonn, 15.01.2010.

In Internet Explorer, there is a critical yet unknown vulnerability. The
vulnerability allows attackers to inject malicious code via a specially
crafted Web page into a Windows computer to infiltrate and set up. The
last week became known hacker attack on Google and other U.S. companies
has probably exploited the vulnerability.
Affected are the versions 6, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Internet Explorer on
Windows systems XP, Vista and Windows 7 Microsoft has released a
security advisory in which it discusses ways of minimizing risk and is
already working on a patch to close the security gap. The BSI expects
that this vulnerability will be used in a short time for attacks on the

Running the Internet Explorer in “protected mode” as well as disabling
scripting Acitve Although more difficult to attack, but it can not
completely prevented. Therefore, the BSI recommends to switch to the
existence of a patch from Microsoft to an alternative browser.

Once the vulnerability has been closed, the BSI will provide information
on its warning and information about public-CERT. Keep informed about
the civic-CERT and the BSI warns citizens and small and medium
enterprises from viruses, worms and vulnerabilities in computer
applications. The expert analysis of the BSI around the clock, the
security situation in the Internet and send alerts when action is needed
and safety information via e-mail.

Information found : here

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Re: Germany Warns its Users to Stay Away from IE

Post by hotidiot on Tue Jan 26, 2010 2:17 am

you mean, not just linux users even nations are against microsoft's crap OS and browser.

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