Guide: How to convince somebody to do something

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Guide: How to convince somebody to do something

Post by kurdt on Sun Jan 10, 2010 5:00 pm

Convincing somebody to do something

I bet many of you have tried to trick someone to comprehending with you. It's not an easy task since trust isn't given but earned. In this guide you will find some tips to ease you.

#1 Try to talk firmly without losing any word cause this shows your uncertainty. Doing this will make the listener believe you are trustworthy.

#2 Use big words and sentences. It's recommended that you don't answer questions with one or two words. Back up your opinion as well as you can.

#3 Don't look desperate. It shows that you have lost faith on what you're trying to do which intrigues the listener whether you believe in it or not.

#4 Try to stare him/her in the eyes. Thus, you will intimidate him and he will hold an affirmative stand against you, even though he's doing it subconciously.

#5 Tell a joke. If you seem more light about the subject your victim will be even lighter and believe everything you want to pass on.

#6 Be more demanding. You will let the listener know that you are determined to convince him so there is no way out.

#7 Do not touch the listener. You will scare him away by doing that and he will keep a very defensive way.

#8 I would say follow the rules above but it would be shitty. Try to speak loud and clear. Do not make the listener ask you "What?" cause automatically you lose lots of points.

That's about it. I put some effort to that and I really hope it will help you. Works quite well for me and I have been using this method for years.

If you have anything else to add, please, feel free to post. Any contribution to the guide will be accepted.

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