How to get a huge amount of referrals on free sites

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How to get a huge amount of referrals on free sites

Post by Admin on Sun Dec 20, 2009 3:32 am

This works for literally ANY site that uses referrals to get what you
need (for example,,,, etc.)

First: create a youtube account if you don't already have one.

Next: make a video of a "Xwebsite" hack (replace x website with the site
you want the referrals on) and put in your referral ID in the
description. Make the video using whatever program you want, just make
sure to put in a fake picture of your X amount of points. (I did it
using MS paint, it looks perfect)

Put this video on other peoples videos, channels, private messages, etc.
people will flock to your video. you have to put a few pictures of you
"getting" your prize. These pictures can just be your xbox 360 or other
thing that you have lying around the house that you didn't get from the
website, but it'll be good for the viewers.

Finally: sit back and watch the referrals come. You should get a lot of
people to come to your link, if not, make another video and keep
advertising it.

btw, who is t99v1? he's sending people cracked ICHO w/o sub..


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