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The easy way

Post by Marilyn on Tue Dec 01, 2009 3:09 pm

I have created a conga line for offercentric's many websites. Some of
these include,,,
and more.

A conga line is one of the fastest ways to get referrals. The way it
works is, you have to sign up for a offer site under person who is on
the top of the conga line.

Once that person completes their offers, they are removed from the line
and the next user is put on the top.

Here are the steps to get in my conga line:
1- Sign up for an offer site under the top user.
2- Complete an offer as the directions state.
3- PM me to let me know you have completed the offer.
4- I will verify that you went green for the person on top of the conga line.
5- take a screenshot of your computer on the completed offer page.
6- email me the screenshot for final verification.
7- After the top conga line person gets their offer completed, I will
add you to the conga line and you can get your offer

ONLY 2 users will be in the conga line at a time. This speeds the
process up.


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