For Those intrested in joining a "Free whatever" site,read this!

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For Those intrested in joining a "Free whatever" site,read this!

Post by monochromatic on Tue Dec 01, 2009 2:38 pm

If you are interested in doing any of these referral sites and want
to use them to their best potential, listen up. These sites have
been around for a long time, and just recently they have been making
a HUGE presence here on Ronie_iz_BaD. If you follow these basic steps,
you will be in the clear, and not have to worry about getting
charged for a bunch of stuff you don't want.

NOTHING IS TRULY FREE! Very rarely will you find a site that is a NO-CC site.
There are some out there, that's for sure, but the referral amounts
will be much higher than a site that you have to sign up for
offers that you have to pay for a trial or product.

Before you sign up for any offer, read the Terms and Conditions on the sites
VERY CAREFULLY. While the vast majority of the offers are 100% safe,
there are some that suck you into charges that you never knew you
would be getting. Just so you know, most of the cell phone offers that make
you reply to a text message or input a PIN number will more than likely
start charging you through your cell phone provider. These sites
are extremely tricky to get out of, and you should exercise extreme caution
before signing up for those offers. Also, the book clubs, dvd clubs,
and magazine clubs are a bit tricky as well. You really need to
read the terms on these, because a lot of them require you to make multiple
purchases before you can cancel their program.


These sites thrive because the offer sites are looking
at every sign-up as a potential customer who has an interest in what
they are selling. Thus, it is recommended that you only sign up
for offers that you'd be interested in keeping, and you should
really try out the offer/trial to see if it's something you'd like
to keep. If you do try it and it turns out that you don't have a
use for the program, then by all means cancel it, but don't sign up
for things and plan on canceling it right away as soon as you go
green, because a lot of the offer sites will cancel your completion,
and you will no longer be green.

If you're doing a conga line, don't tell somebody you've greened for them
if you haven't... they can see who signed up under them, and how far
along they are in the program.

Don't try to fool the companies by putting false information down. Nine times out of ten you'll get caught.

To avoid tele-marketers calling you at all hours, DO NOT use your home number
to sign up for offers that don't come from big name companies. Sign
up for a free internet voice mail program, such as iConnect. Use
this internet voice mail number as your number when you sign up,and
you'll get all your calls to that number and not be bothered by unknown
callers day and night.


If you're signing up for a conga, read these rules before going so ALSO
you need to reply in the conga in the following format, please use
this format only so things don't get too confusing in the thread...
Name of person signed up under
B. Your email used
when signing up
C. The offer your completed
D. Your referral link

If you have any questions about the site mentioned in the
conga, PM or email the person who is on the top of the list, or ask
someone who is more experienced with these kinds of sites.

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Re: For Those intrested in joining a "Free whatever" site,read this!

Post by mamarutza on Sun Jan 17, 2010 11:26 am

Yep, always read carefully before just mark the "I agree with the terms" that's the first rule in every site especially those which offer you something free. My opinion is : nothing in this world it's free, you have to pay or work for everything .

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