Why people get banned from forums

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Why people get banned from forums

Post by Admin on Sun Dec 13, 2009 2:42 pm

Forums have emerged as a source of information sharing and socializing. Forums are giving the entire world an opportunity to express their views or ideas, share their thoughts or concerns or seek opinions from other people and new friends are made. The ultimate goal of a good forum is to get a family kind of feeling within all members that all in all are the only responsible parties for the success of a site.

Here I am going to list few top reasons for why people are getting banned from forums:

Breaking Rules: The members who are not follow the rules of the particular forum they will be banned from forum. Some forums are very strict and moderators will warn you once before banning. If you break the rules again then you are banned from forum.Here are some of the rules that people break more often

1) Multiple or repeated posting in order to increase your post count is not allowed.

2) Rudeness in postings, insulting posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts

Behavior: Most of bans are also because of the bad manners and general bad behavior of the members in the site. Like posting your day to day struggles, marital problems, friendship problems, co-worker problems, family problems or financial problems and using vulgar language in the posts lead to banned you from site.

Spamming: Simply rushing through a forum and posting a blurb about your site or product is going to get your post deleted and your user name banned as a spam poster. Especially dangerous spamming includes saying "Thank you" in a reply thread, or posting the same lame trackers with open signups over and over again. This will lead you to ban from forum permanently.

Advertising or promoting: Promoting your own services for profit on any forum will lead you to ban from forum. If you want to promote your site you just use the signature filed but do not post any links in threads. Moderators will check and banned your account.

Creating Duplicate Accounts: Creating multiple or duplicate accounts in same forum will lead you to ban from that forum. This is because while you are creating your account your IP address
is stored by that forum so when you are trying to create another account with same IP address then you will banned from that site.

Repeated postings: Repeated postings or double postings likely to get banned from forum. Do not double post or cross post into forums.

Use Profanity: Unless it is a porn forum, then you are not supposed to post any type of sexual content that would offend the masses. By this you will be banned and you will be reported to the authorities and guess what be very careful as imprisonment could be the last place you visit before any other forum.

Reply Cheating: This one consists of a single member or even a coalition between two members, where they are replying to each other's posts to look better than others. This will easily catch by moderators so you get banned from that forum.

Posting empty responses: Do not post empty or useless responses, such as just ”lol” or ”cool” and use correct spelling, grammar and avoid slang unless you know the word or phrase will be understood by other members. Only post responses when you have something to contribute.

Ask For a Ban: It sounds like silly but some forums are having this facility also. People often ask for a ban since it's not often possible to delete the account. Either that, or arrogant members are tempting fate by saying, "Hi, can I have a ban please?" or "Can I get banned please" which results in a quick an immediate ban.

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