What do you think? ------------------------------------ 09 Dec 2009

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What do you think? ------------------------------------ 09 Dec 2009

Post by Admin on Wed Dec 09, 2009 1:32 pm

Name of Forum

Congratulations! Your free forum review has been completed. The forum review will hold many tips, suggestions, comments, and feedback that's convenient and voluntary for your forum. Here is your forum review:


  1. First Impressions (Score: 15/20):I don't have any idea what's the forum is all about but the name of your forum looks unique! Now let's start your review. When i first opened your forum, i saw that the forum is all about 'Make Money Online, Cheating networks, Referral Trading, GPT, Programming, Bots, Buy/sell, Online Games, Artist's World ', well, for my perspective, i don't know if the main subject of your forum relates with the name of the forum but as I'd mentioned above, the forum name makes it unique. I saw that it's really dark on your forum i mean everything looks dull including the graphics of the forum, the forum looks like a supernatural forum. Nice work on having welcome message which shows that you care on your members and guests, I can also feel the Christmas sensation on the forum because there is a snowy effect on the forum, nice work, but the index is long, the forum looks inactive with lots of forum having less posts and no posts and seeing the statistics, the total number of posts is less. Just try to improve more here.
  2. Categories & Forums (Score: 4/10):The number of categories and forums is many relevant to the posting activity of the forum, there's less activity on the forum so you don't need much forums on the index, but even though you had many forums which is not suited on the activity of the forum, you had nice set of forums for the main subject of your forum, I also like how they are positioned, it's easy to find important forums on your index, however, i can suggest you to place the 'RULES' forum on the very top portion or on the 1st place so it can be easily noticed and members and guests will know that it's an important forum, in this way, it will look more professional, I'm also wondering why you had a spam forum which is not really looking good on the index, spam messages are useless messages and dirts, guests don't like a spammy forum and they will mostly go away on that forum so my suggestion here is to remove it or just rename it with 'forum games' where you can do countings,etc. I also noticed that almost all of the forums have less posts and some have none, try posting more on forums to attract more guests on the forum, but you had nice descriptions on the forums. Get those things fixed

Generalities total :: 19/30

Forum Style

  1. Major Graphics (Score: 7/10):
    Banner-When i saw the banner, i noticed that it's too dull and dark looking thing, the forum doesn't stand out and most likely ruins the appearance of the index, I also didn't like the background used, what's the point of having a green field/tress there?, my suggestion here is to get a new banner that will fit on your forum's theme and color not just having a random background like greenfields but the font looks cool, you'll just need to change the background and it will look good.(2/5)

    Navigation Bar-The navigation bars are also dull and dark but overall i liked them! I can easily find them and the font looks good, I also liked your point having blinking navigation bar(register) which will make guests notice it, the other navigation bars namely the 'new topic' and 'add reply' are also good, just like the other navigation bars, overall nice work here(5/5)
  2. Forum Layout & Color Scheme (Score: 7/10): I liked the theme of the forum even though it's dark, looks fitting on the main subject of your forum, the colors are all considered dark which is black and gray, i must say that it makes the forum hunted but i liked how smooth the colors are delivered on the forum, but my suggestion here is to have atleast one light or medium color such as the blue,red,green etc.
  3. Images & Icons (Score: 7/10):As I'd mentioned above, almost all of the graphics are looking dull and dark so my suggestion here is to atleast have some icons with medium colors or anything related to Christmas such as the green and red, now lets head on on the review of the icons, the 'who is online icon' is not looking bad but you can have better than that, the forum icons such as the 'new post', 'no new post' and 'forum is locked' are good, just like the who is online icon, they are also easy to be noticed but as I'd mentioned, you can have better than that, the topic icons are just fine, you can improve more here.

Forum Style total :: 21/30


  1. Population of Groups (Score: 9/10):I didn't know exactly how many admins are on your forum but I'd seen one with the name 'Admin', I don't know how many admins are there so i can't explain more here but try having only up to 2 admins, I'd counted a total of 3 moderators, 1 Gmod, 1 sectional mod and 1 Moderators, the number of moderators on your forum is looking good, you don't need to add more, once the activity or the number of users on the forum increased, then you can add more mods. Nice wrok here
  2. Staff Groups / User Groups (Score: 6/10):The total number of visible groups on the index is 6, you had a nice organization of groups however, my suggestion here is to atleast show the admin group so the members and guests will know who are the admins for so many reasons, I also don't know why you had 3 moderation groups infact you had global moderation and moderation group, I don't get the point of having another moderation group, my suggestion here is to minimize the number of moderation group unless the forum has a high activity rate, try hiding 1-2 mod groups unless the activity rate is low, anyway, the other usergroups are just fine.

Usergroups :: 15/20

Forum Activity

  1. Post/Member Ratio & Quantity (Score: 6/10):
    Our users have posted a total of 452 messages
    We have 88 registered users
    The newest registered user is maker

    452 messages for 88 members is really poor, if i were to estimate the number of posts of a forum having 88 members, your forum should have atleast 2500 messages right now, as I'd mentioned on the 'categories and forums' criteria, there are very less posts on every forums on the index and some have none but I'd seen several forums had the latest post made yesterday and today, nice work, the post average for each member is 5 posts, keep it running!
  2. Users Active (Score: 7/10):
    Members connected during last 24 hours :
    Members connected during last 24 hours : Admin, anjali, bewithyou, buxtree, CJM2009, darkakash, DjZoiiD, downhill69, harpreethappy, hotidiot, jkale, kurdt, luckiali, maker, manish1lohia, Marilyn, monochromatic, Paris Hilton, popeye, Queen, ZdAries

    The number of users logging in each period is considered many and more members are coming back on the forum, there are 40 users being most online, that's a nice work, I'd seen up to 4 users online while I was reviewing your forum, nice work, almost all of the staff members had logged on the past period, send out weekly newsletters about the latest update on your forum to get the inactive members back.

Forum Activity total :: 13/20

Overall Marking: 68/100
You have passed!

What could be done to improve your forum:
follow what i suggested above
The best thing I like about your forum:
the snowy thing

Click here to see this on help.forumotion.net

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Re: What do you think? ------------------------------------ 09 Dec 2009

Post by adads on Fri Jan 15, 2010 6:06 pm

i agree with the reviewer
specially in the are of Forum Style
better environment and graphics will attract more members


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