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Post by Admin on Tue Dec 01, 2009 9:26 am

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I hate these kind of poems
And I know you do too
- I forgot who wrote this
William Blake, W.B. yeats or John Keats
In times like these when every kid is Albert Einstein and living the fact- 'The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education'. Then it's worthless to write , click, paint, make music or create other form of art which doesn't convey any message or take the watcher inside the exhibitionist's mind, literally.

NEXT 10 Things I am saying:

1. I have flown more than 15000 kites.
2.I am bored from last twelve years ( I painted, created music, wrote poems...
but to no avail.)
3.From 2002-2006 I drank more than 3000 bottles of alcohol and smoked around
50,000 cigarettes and bidis and spent rest of the money on drugs.(I don't drink
,smoke or do drugs now: I never went to any rehab, I just made my choice.
4.( I was a Mechanical and Automation Engineering student) I've been famous
as an athlete and a boxer in my college, I used to run very fast.(The sudden
change from being an athlete to a complete waste has nothing to do with
being happy or sad. I used to excercise like a bastard because I was bored and
took a journey to substance abuse because I was bored. I am bored)
5. People don't take me to a party or give me any gift.
6.I spend most of the time of the day, ' looking at the fan'.
7.No girl has ever felt any such feeling called 'love' for me ( I did FUCK a few
though) I have no friends, except those with whom I can't talk.
8.I don't utter a word out of my mouth for days.Last 2 years I am in my room.
Only went out of the house for a feuneral last March and yes, for an interview
as well once.
9.I have big plans to die young.

My next song or poem would be about me containing these thoughts, so please
take a look in a few days.


My mind tries to solve my own mind, and I don't know what's the big deal - Ronie

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