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Buy a Legend Account at 8ballclub.com I have over 13,000 points.I am Amongst the most famous players, It
took me more than a year to do that. 8ballclub is one of the most relaistic game on the net.Multiplayer, which is
the best part.You can chat with the opponent and when big legend players play, sometimes there are more than 50 people there in the room like a real game.All can chat with you.Comment and praise you on nice shot , or say oOps or just say lol. People could kill each other at critical situations when it fouls or a miss hit, only if they could.I never found this even in the games which require monster systems to play.That is the real excietment
winning and losing by showing your real game in front of all those people, literally.
Play the game for a few days and as you will begin to be known as a player. people will take a shot of you as a
real player in their mind and talk to you and respect as one as well.
There are several games like 8ball,9ball,snooker etc and different size of tables but only best players play
snooker on 12 ft and that too without aimer, wow just amazing, real skills required.If you are a pro, take this as a challenge.

Ina few weeks you can play the games in it with real money as well.

Download this amazingly in the moment game and play free for all your life

See the legend players gallery here

8ballclub players hall of fame

To buy the legend account go here


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